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Garden Therapy for Memory Care Residents - Spring Arbor Senior Living Blog

Garden Therapy for Memory Care Residents

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At Spring Arbor Senior Living, our philosophy is to make every day special for our residents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. As a result, we are always discovering new and invigorating ways to engage and stimulate our residents. Our Gardening Therapy program is a prime example!

Research shows that access to the outdoors and physical activity are both extremely beneficial for adults living with memory loss. Our Gardening Therapy program exercises the mind and body and stimulates the senses. Gardening has many other benefits such as lowering blood pressure and stress levels, building confidence, creating a sense of purpose and more.

Signature programs such as Gardening Therapy bring unparalleled quality and dignity to the lives of our residents while simultaneously inspiring confidence, trust and peace of mind for loved ones. Our Coordinators treat each resident as an extension of their own families and are committed to providing them with a high quality of life.

It’s how you live that matters and this philosophy applies to our memory care residents. Learn more about Spring Arbor’s innovative programs by contacting us


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