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Must-Ask Questions When Choosing Assisted Living

Speak to all sorts of staff members – and residents – to get the real scoop. Questions to ask Obviously, you can't just rely on facility tours or promotional brochures to make this crucial decision. First, get your ducks in a row. When you're ready to visit in person, turn to administrators, staff members and…

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When Is It Time to Move to a Care Facility?

While home care for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia is quite possible, in some cases it can become a bigger challenge than the family or a lone caregiver can manage. Full-time care is taxing for the caregiver and there is extensive burnout. Also, as dementia progresses, remaining in the home might become too difficult or…

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5 Strategies for Talking About Assisted Living with Aging Parents

Have the discussion as early as possible, preferably before a health crisis strikes. Having the conversation before a health emergency occurs can afford you and your loved one the opportunity to methodically discuss plans to tackle a host of issues, like downsizing and getting rid of extra possessions, figuring out finances and gathering medical records.…

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Garden Therapy for Memory Care Residents

At Spring Arbor Senior Living, our philosophy is to make every day special for our residents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. As a result, we are always discovering new and invigorating ways to engage and stimulate our residents. Our Gardening Therapy program is a prime example! Research shows that access to…

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Music Can Revive Memories in Dementia Patients

Modern researchers have now discovered that music can soothe those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers at University of Utah Health recently tested whether they could alleviate anxiety in patients with dementia by playing familiar music to them using headphones and a hand-held music device. Anxiety and agitation are two of the most disruptive…

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How “Memory Care” for Dementia / Alzheimer’s Differs from Assisted Living

Many of the same services are offered at assisted living residences as in memory care units. However, there are also several ways in which assisted living differs from memory care.  Physical Differences Between Memory Care and Assisted Living Memory care is typically architecturally designed to meet the specific needs of Alzheimer’s patients. Unlike some assisted…

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Assisted Living Communities Need to Keep Residents Active and Engaged

One of the challenges for senior living communities is helping residents maintain physical strength and to stay engaged in everyday life activities. Inspired by existing HHHunt wellness initiatives, our Senior Living team members developed a new wellness program tailored specifically to residents in Spring Arbor assisted living communities. The Wise & Well program helps residents…

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Professional, Compassionate Senior Living Communities

Just as your family makes a house a home, our family of dedicated professionals makes Spring Arbor a place where our residents feel loved, like an extension of family. From Residential Assisted Living to Alzheimer's Care, our team nurtures each resident's independence by promoting dignity and choice within a setting of Just as your family…

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