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Floor Plans

Private and Companion Suites

The Spring Arbor Cottage living area is a secure environment with an open floor plan. Residents have freedom of choice, movement and interaction within a very comfortable and home-like environment.  The Cottage has carefully designed spaces with attention to home-like details where residents can benefit from a relaxed setting.

Virginia Senior Living[MZ1]

Spring Arbor Cottage of Salisbury consists of two secure Cottage programs for residents with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.  The Cottages are a mirror-image of each other with a capacity of 24 in each Cottage.

Each Cottage features a comfortable living room, open dining areas, and several areas for indoor and outdoor activities and events. A small kitchen affords residents the ability to use life-long kitchen skills – baking and cooking with assistance and supervision by the Cottage staff. The Cottage ocurtyard offers secure yet easily accessible opportunities for residents to take a walk, garden, or sit and enjoy the fresh air. Resident choice, personalized care and finding ways to create joy in each day are some of the hallmarks of life in Spring Arbor Cottages!

At Spring Arbor Cottage of Salisbury, our Virginia senior living offers thoughtfully appointed features to help promote safety, cognitive and physical health.  [MZ2] Each apartment has a private bathroom with walk-in shower, built-in emergency response system, and a spacious closet.  Residents are encouraged to bring items to make their apartment feel like home. Providing as much privacy as residents crave with the possibility to also socialize with their friends whenever they please, our community has been designed with a careful consideration of resident safety and comfort.

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